ED-HALT the next Generation

King Desing has spent over 13 years developing the next generation of HALT vibration systems. Thes systems use and electric hammers to create 6DoF vibration table with controlable rotation.

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Electro Dynamic Shakers

King Design has been producing ED shakers seince 1983. We offer unit from Desktop education unit to industral units able to creat 12,000 kgF.

Shock and Drop Testers

King Design offers a wide variety of tester the can test from the smallest part to the largest skids and products. Please look at our offering as well as we can customize to meet your product needs.

ED-HALT the next generation of Halt

The next generation of HALT vibration system can be used as a standalone or incorporated into your existing chamber.

See our information and vides and date and we would be glad to talk to you about this new 6DoF vibration system and its ability to shorten your development and time to bring new product to maturity and market

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We specialize in making your concepts a reality.

As a global leader in vibration and shock testing we can help develop equipment and tests to help you achive your requirments. We can custom build equipment and fixtuers for you as well as having testing faculitys to perform the test for you as well.

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Calender of Events

Check our calendar of events for any upcoming meetings and trade shows that we will be attending. If you want to see next time we will be in your area to give demonstration of new ED-HALT please contact us.