Graphs are of the 3 Ft and 1 Ft systems that show pickiting of the spectrium due to having no control over vibrator rate of impact.

Air-HALT 2 GRMS V-1 System Air-HALT 2 GRMS V-9 System

Velocity Waveform

We have noted a much larger velocity peak using ED-HALT compared with AIR-HALT running same 2 GRMS.

ED-HALT Velocity Waveform Air-HALT Velocity Waveform ED-HALT & AIR-HALT Velocity Waveform


Graphs are of ED-HALT runing at difrent noted settings. You will see that pickiting is eliminated when the rate is varabile.

ED-HALT Spectrum Same Rate\Force ED-HALT Spectrum Same Force Variable Rate ED-HALT Spectrum Same Force Variable Rate

Vibration Waveform

Graphs showing the vibration waveform of ED-HALT, AIR-HALT V-1, and AIR-HALT V-9

AIR-HALT Acceleration ED-HALT Acceleration AIR-HALT Acceleration